how to build a chicken coop

The Joy of Building and Owning Backyard Chicken Coops

Once you decide to build a backyard chicken coop, you will need to make a decision; how much do you want to spend? The size and complexity of the chicken coop you want, will determine the cost. A small chicken coop usually comes with a small price. Small no-frills models are a great way to get started, and also fill the need for cheap chicken coops.These small units are built for two to three large chickens, and are usually chosen by people new to backyard chicken coops. Since they are relatively small, they can be completed in a weekend.

Depending on the skills of a homeowner, they may decide to build one that is larger and more elaborate than the standard size. Some backyard chicken coops have two or more stories, and have chicken runs, with plenty of space for the chickens to roam. There are stories that tell of backyard chicken coops being built that were more elaborate than the homes of the people building the chicken coop. These stories say one of these chicken homes had a Victorian style with turrets. One was even rumored to look exactly like the White House. No photos were ever produced.

Backyard Chicken Coops – Movable Chicken Coop

Another option for backyard chicken coops is a movable chicken coop. They usually have two or four wheels that make relocating to another part of the yard, quick and easy. This is great for people that use different areas of their yard at different times of the year: like seasonally storing boats or vehicles, and other uses.

Anyone looking to own a chicken coop has several options; if they decide that building from scratch is not for them. There are kits that have all the wood, screws, nails and everything else in a kit. You supply the labor, and save some money. Another option is to buy a finished unit, which is shipped directly from the factory.

There are many benefits to owning a backyard chicken coop. The first benefit that comes to mind is having a supply of fresh, delicious eggs, every morning. Another benefit is the excitement of getting back to nature, in a small way. You will be able to treat these animals humanely throughout their life; and be rewarded with the most delicious eggs on the planet. Chickens make great pets. Your children will love taking care of them; and it’s a great way to teach them responsibility.

So, if you want great tasting eggs, and be able to teach your children a valuable lesson in responsibility; a backyard chicken coop might be the best thing for you.